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"Succession Success - Why it's Critical to Plan Now for Your Future Succession, Exit or Transition"

  • "Less than 1/3 of Business Owners  have a written Succession plan." 
  • "Most don't think about succession and exit until they are 65." 
  • SBA: "Less than 20% of businesses successfully transfer to the next generation. The primary caus of failure is lack of plannning ahead."

America’s Baby Boomers are getting ready to retire. But for an alarmingly high number of business owners, getting out of their business is going to be more difficult than starting it.
Succession Success is an interactive presentation that will help members to become well-planned for their business succession, exit & transition. It is available as a 3 hour workshop.
Subject matter includes:

Planning for management succession; 

Creating a written disaster plan; 

Exercises to increase sale value and ease of business transfer; 

Strategies to retain key employees, and 

Understanding the Exit Planning process & completing an Exit plan outline. 

Note: This is our most popular Vistage  CEO group Presentation

"Retaining Key Employees in a Tight Job Market"

The job market is very tight. Finding and retaining key employees requires extra measures today. This 90 minute talk covers an overview of techniques to Recruit, Reward & Retain Key Employees including Phantom Stock and Stock Appreciation Rights plans, Restricted Access Bonus plans and other popular plan designs that retain.

"Is the SOB Going to Make VP?"

Many business owners are wondering if they can transfer the family business to the SOB ("Son of Boss") or DOB ("Daughter of Boss"). This talk is about valuable strategies  to get help owners and their offspring on a path to transfer  the family business in a way that will result in Happy Thanksgivings among all involved!. 90 minutes.

"Value Builders and Business Killers - Grow and Protect Your Business Value"

An interactive 60 to 90 minute presentation that is effective with small groups to motivate them to plan. Six brief (2 min.) videos are played that demonstrate the aftermath of unplanned business scenarios. The audience is then engaged in a discussion to determine why the depicted events happened and what could have prevented them. Especially effective for collaborative efforts of Advisor Teams.

"Is Your Networking Not-Working?"

A presentation for Networking Groups that exposes the myths and flaws of most Advisors' attempts at business development through networking, and helpful strategies to get them back on track toward networking success.

"Creative uses of New Media to Differentiate Your Practice"

An overview of what I've learned about using the new forms and formats of media, including podcasts and self-publishing, and Social Media. Most Professionals are too busy to learn about these strategies on their own, but they need to get up to speed on them - because the yellow pages are dead!